The ROXi Console Turns Any TV into a Music Sensation

Plug the ROXi Console into your TV and instantly enjoy everything ROXi has to offer

  • Works with any TV
  • 2 minutes to set-up
  • ROXi Mic Controller included free
ROXi plug-and-play console. 30 day money back guarantee.
Three televisions showing different pages of the ROXi app, and the ROXi console in front

Top ROXi features

  • Unlimited Music Videos
  • Exclusive Music Channels
  • Karaoke
  • Music Games
  • And more...
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State-of-the-art hardware

A top down view of the ROXi console


The ROXi Console plugs into your TV with a two minute set-up.

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The ROXi microphone controller with a built in mic and voice technology to search for content.

ROXi Microphone Controller

Search, Sing and Play. Pick up the Soft Touch Controller to search and control your music entertainment experience.

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12 months of ROXi Premium worth £52 included Free

Providing unrestricted access to all of ROXi’s great features, without ads

A television displaying ROXi with the ROXi console infront and a ROXi Premium music pass

No Subscription ever required

If you don’t want to renew ROXi Premium after the first year, you can continue to use ROXi with ads, free, forever.

Set up ROXi in 3 Easy Steps

Step 1

Connect any flat screen TV using the HDMI cable provided.

Step 2

Connect to the internet via WiFi or Ethernet

Step 3


Four people singing karaoke in front of a television displaying ROXi

Buy ROXi and get £100 of extras free

  • Free ROXi Mic Controller, worth £29.99

  • Free ROXi Premium Annual Pass, worth £52

  • Free Premium Visualiser Pack, normally £9.95

  • Free 2 Year Warranty, normally £9.95

or call free to order on 0800 006 2991