We may have sold our last ever ROXi Console, but...

...you’ll find more music, karaoke and games than ever before on the free ROXi app for smart TV. Plus, get a free karaoke mic.

£1 postage for the mic. T&Cs apply.

The ROXi microphone controller with a built in mic and voice technology to search for content.

Get the free ROXi app

Enjoy the free plan or try ROXi Premium free for 30 days and get a free karaoke mic, worth £29.99.

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£1 postage and T&Cs apply

100 million music videos

Bring your home to life with music videos from every genre and decade.

Karaoke, without leaving the sofa

Grab your free karaoke mic and sing along to over 400,000 tracks at home.

£1 postage for the mic. T&Cs apply

Music games for all the family

Who has the music knowledge to come out on top?

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