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Stream Music Videos

Stream 70 million music releases, including all the official music videos.

You’ll find hot new hits and classics from every genre and decade

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Exclusive Music Channels

Whatever the mood or occasion, ROXi has the perfect Music Channel for you. ​

Just hit play, sit back and enjoy.

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Sing along to over 100,000 songs with on-screen lyrics using ROXi’s free Karaoke Microphone*.​

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Music Games

Hours of fun for everyone with ROXi’s interactive music games.

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ROXi is free

Enjoy ROXi free forever, with adverts.​​

If you’d like to try ROXi Premium without the ads, you can claim a 30 day free trial later.​

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The free ROXi karaoke Microphone

Free ROXi Karaoke Mic*

It’s wireless with a built-in speaker, so there’s no faff – just switch on and start singing.​

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How to get ROXi free

First, select your Smart TV platform

Sky Q
Amazon Fire TV
Android TV
Google TV

Don’t have any of these?

Check out the ROXi Music Console

ROXi Music Console

Plugs into any TV, giving you instant access to ROXi, without adverts.

Includes a free Microphone Controller – perfect for Karaoke and Voice Control.

The ROXi plug-and-play console

* One free mic per user. Shipping costs £1 (€1.19 in ROI). Terms & Conditions apply.