Fill your home with music

Get music videos, karaoke and games with ROXi, the free app for your TV.
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90 million music videos

Bring your home to life with music from every genre and decade, all full screen on your TV​.

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The ROXi app being displayed on a television

Music channels, ready to play

Whatever the mood or occasion, just hit play for effortless entertainment.

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Nights in with ROXi

From karaoke to music games, have fun with family and friends from the comfort of your sofa.

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The free ROXi karaoke microphone

Free karaoke microphone*

There’s no setup required – just switch on and start singing. Claim your free mic today.

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ROXi is free

Enjoy ROXi free forever, with adverts.

Or ditch the ads with ROXi Premium, free for 30 days.

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Get the free ROXi app on your TV

Available free on these platforms:

Sky Q
Amazon Fire TV
Google TV
Android TV

LG: Coming Soon

Sony Bravia

None of these


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