Get the free ROXi app on any Philips smart TV with the Android or Google TV operating system.

How to get the ROXi TV app


Select 'Search' on the home screen and type 'ROXi'


On the ROXi page select and press 'Install' to download


Launch the ROXi app and enter your email address

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All singing, all dancing features

Get a free karaoke mic

Claim a free microphone with a free 30-day trial of ROXi Premium. £1 postage and T&Cs apply.

Discover more with one press

Hold the central button on your TV remote to add to favourites, sing with lyrics or discover more music.

Why ROXi Premium?

No adverts

Just non-stop music

Create playlists

Add your favourites as you go

Play everything

Pick any track, channel or game

Unlimited track skips

Back and forth, as you see fit

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Available free on these platforms

Sky Q
Amazon Fire TV
Google TV
Android TV

LG: Coming Soon

Sony Bravia

None of these